Closure: Le film


      Closure is the story of a young man, Joshua who decides to close himself in his place for one year, without any contact with the outside world. He says to his friends and loved ones that it's for spiritual reasons, to disconnect for society But the truth is way different, loneliness and his past will quickly reach him...  


Actrice/Actress : Ambre Lemaire


 Ambre Lemaire is an actress from Grenoble. First engaged in theater, with a 10-year experience; Ambre has been also focusing in cinema for the last 2 years. Ambre is actively involved in the theater scene of Grenoble with the Theatre director Loran Gouy. 

Acteur/Actor: Pablo Dhaini

Joshua Steinbeck

 Pablo is a Grenoble Actor/Comedian. He started his career in improvisation theater. He works actively in theater but also coaching, training and communication. 

Acteur/Actor: Baptiste Caron

Julien Caron

 Baptiste is a Grenoble Actor/Comedian. He started his career in improvisation theater at the Grenoble Institute of Technology. He works actively in theater. 


Hicham Kadiri

Director/ Editor

 Hicham Kadiri is a Screenplay writer and Director. For many years, he got interested in writing scripts. 3 years ago, he started his first short film "Lisa's shodow", and later, his first feature film : CLOSURE. His inspiration comes from anticipation films such as Gattaca and Truman Show (directed by Andrew Niccol) but also English TV shows (Black mirror and Misfits) 

Léa Kriger

Director of Photography

 Being passionate about cinema, Léa got involved in directing and photography of Closure. She also help in sound recording and editing of the film. She is studying Cinema in Grenoble and actually in an exchange program in USA for one year. 

Tristan Soubeyrand

1st assistant camera

 Passionate about cinema and movie making, Tristan worked on Closure for the first three months as a 1st assistant camera. He helped the director and suggested good ideas that were used in the final cut. Tristan is working nowadays in many personnal projects (short films, etc.) 

Daniel Belchí Lorente


 Daniel is a talented Spanish drawer. He designed more than a hundred drawings, paintings, etc. He is actually working in many comic books and one of them was published in Spain. All posters of the film Closure were designed by Daniel. He draw also two paintings that appear in the film. Daniel is also a PhD student in mecanical engineering.  

Alexandre Pesant


 Alexandre was the official photographer of the project Closure. With a professionnal package (Canon eos 6D, flashs, umbrellas and many lenses), he tooks all the pictures which were used for the posters. In addition to that, Alexandre took many pictures during the shooting in all the locations where the film was shot. 

Aurèle Durand

Web Designer

 Aurèle is a PhD student and engineer in Physics. With a strong knowledge of Computer Science, he created the official Closure Website. Aurèle keeps maintening the website with the evolution of the project. In addition to that, Aurèle is passionate about cinema, he worked with Hicham Kadiri in his first Short Film. 

Jérémie Ruellan

Clapman & Theater director assistant

 Jérémie worked on Closure during 3 months in the summer 2014. He helped the actors as a Theater director by giving them advices on acting. In addition to that, he was clapman for this whole period. 

Loran Gouy

Theater director

 Loran worked on Closure project the first three months. He was a theater director and helped the actors and the crew. He has a 20 years experience on Cinema and theater. Loran is nowadays a professionnal director who works in many projects all over France.  

Mouna Bensouda

1st assistant director

 Mouna worked on Closure the first two months. She was the 1st assistant director. She organized the beginning of the shooting by creating schedules and organizing the shooting days. 

Marie Douay

Script supervisor

 Marie worked on Closure the first two months. She was the script supervisor. She organized the continuity of the motion picture of the scenes. In addition to that, Marie worked on the decoration of the appartment where the main shooting happened.  

Closure was nominated to SMR13 Independant Film Festival !

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